Walden - an experiential farm-stay

Walden - an experiential farm-stay

Join us on a journey to experience artisanal interiors, savour farm-to-table food, work with local farmers and artisans, reflect in nature, and slow down.

“We encourage our guests to come to Walden when they need a break, to slow down, be surrounded by nature's sounds and greens, engage with local farmers and experience life more in sync with nature.”

Siddhartha, permaculturist and creator of Walden.

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A 90-minute drive from Chandigarh takes you to Walden - an experiential farm-stay towards the foothills of the Himalayas.

As you make your way to the property, the ever-charming host, Siddhartha, permaculturist and creator of Walden, Ballu - the majestic and loving farm dog, and the staff, with their warmest smiles, greet you.

A look at the space from the entrance makes you want to soak in and slow down.

The minimalist artisanal interiors and architecture blend seamlessly with nature, creating a serene and dreamy place. One side of the room opens to a private verandah overlooking the farm, and the other opens to a private plunge pool to relax.

You can consciously indulge in the farm-stay experiences - watching the sunrise, observing the birds and butterflies go about their day, watching the sun go down as you have an early outdoor dinner, and stargazing are some experiences that leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

The food is prepared using fresh seasonal produce from the farm with love, care, and nourishment, evident in its delicious flavours. You can also get farm-made/grown bajrakala chanashakkar, our favourite - gulkand, and more.

Walden offers an immersive experience where you can witness, pick, and learn about the different crops, plants, and fruits that grow throughout the year, in addition to enjoying the food and other activities.

Walden's commitment to living in sync with nature is evident through mindful practices such as rainwater harvesting and taking afternoon naps to refresh after a day's work at the farm.

So, come along to experience earthy interiors, savour seasonal farm-to-table food, work with and learn from local farmers and artisans, pause, reflect, and experience life more in sync with nature. 🌿

Comment below if you want to know anything else about Walden or Raamae's 'Slow Spaces We Live In' feature.

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