A Balinese word inspires our name Raamaé. The concept describes the lifestyle of people in Bali which is to find joy even in a crowded and chaotic world.
Literally or metaphorically, our lives may be chaotic; each day of our lives as we know is never the same. 

With our designs, colour palette, touch and feel, we aim to bring joy and cosiness to your everyday living, and with each finished product, we strive to deliver purpose through its art form. 

Raamaé was birthed as a social enterprise with a purpose to preserve art forms which are on the verge of extinction because of cheaper and faster production methods, which are not sustainable for our planet and all its life forms.

Our intention with Raamaé is to,

    • Revive generational art forms
    • Use sustainable practices while doing so. 40% of our collection is upcycled from leftover fabrics
    • Live and advocate a joyful and conscious lifestyle


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