1. Are the quilts 100% cotton?

Yes, we use the softest cotton mulmul (muslin) for the quilt’s fabric and carefully chosen 100 % cotton for the filling.

Cotton is a natural & breathable fibre that makes the quilts cosy & comfortable. 

Artisan Quilt Composition




100% softest cotton mulmul (muslin)

Carefully chosen 100% cotton


Softest on the skin

  • Usable for all-seasons

  • Breathable & Comfiest 

  • Cosiest

We do not use a polyester filling as it traps moisture and makes sleeping uncomfortable during all months.

When you slip in and get comfy in our artisan quilts, they will make you go, aah! We sure bet.

2. Can the quilts be machine washed?

Yes, we recommend a machine wash in cold water only in gentle/delicate mode; else, we recommended a dry clean or spot clean. These recommendations ensure the cotton filling remains intact and doesn’t form lumps.

3. Can the quilts be used in summers?

Yes. Since the quilts are made from 100% cotton fabric and filling, they are breathable and light and work well for the summer season with an air conditioner.

4. What are the ideal months to use the quilt?

The quilts can be used throughout the year in all seasons. They are designed with cotton muslin to keep you cool during the summer months and warm you up in winters.

5. Which sizes do the quilts come in? 

We have two sizes - double & single, sized as below,

    • Double - 90” x 108” inches
    • Single - 60” x 90” inches

6. How large are the single quilts? 

Our single quilts are sized generously for one person to wrap themselves and cosy up. 

Having said that, they are still large enough to invite your lover to snuggle in and play snuggly bear. 

7. I have a 5-year-old child. Would a single quilt be suitable for them?

Yes, the single quilts work well for kids aged above 5 years. If you have younger children, also check our baby quilts.

8. What size of the bed is the double quilt ideal for?

The double quilt (90”x108”) is designed to fit the below bed sizes.

9. What size of the bed is the single quilt ideal for?

The single quilt is large enough for one person and can be used to style the below bed size. You can even cozy up in a single quilt on your couch or while working from your home office desk.

 10. How much does the quilt weigh?

Our quilts have a GSM between 450-480, and we fill around 1.3kgs of the softest cotton to ensure it works well for all seasons, and it feels weightless when you use it since it is spread across.

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